साज़िशें | Undefined Love

यूँ साज़िशें ना कर नज़रों से,
कि दिल तेरे इश्क़ में गुलाम हो जाये,

भूला दूँ मैं फिर खुद को भी,
तू ही ज़िन्दगी और तू ही हसरतें तमाम हो जाये ♥♥

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4 thoughts on “साज़िशें | Undefined Love

  1. Good one !!
    oh god !! If u l say this live to a girl i wonder how much she will blush and turn pink!!

    1. Oh really!! does it really work? I never thought of it that way. Now, I'm gonna try it someday 😀
      Btw, Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Lovely lines as usual MS! 😊

    1. THank you so much Archana maam 🙂

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