Monday, August 12, 2013

Mujhe Dhoondh Rahi thi Meri Parchhai

Jindagi lamha – lamha kyon Hai,
Yaha har koi Tanha kyon hai !
Mera Aaj Kho gya kal ki god mein,
Subah bhi Nikali to Andhero ke Aagosh mein,
Saanjh dhali to bhi dil ko Sukoon na tha,
Jindagi ko Ab koi Junoon na tha,
Main Aankho mein khoye huye Sapne Dhoondta raha aur,
Mujhe Dhoondh Rahi thi Meri Parchhai…

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  1. That is a beautiful poem...well connected and ended on a poignant yet lovely note. LOved it. Keep writing.



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