Love Is Like a Alcohol !

Sharab ka Nasha bhi koi Nasha hai !
Jaise – Jaise waqt Guzrega,
Waqt ke Sath utar jayegi,
Agar Nasha hi Karna hi hai to,
Ek baar Kisi se Mahobbat kar lo,

Waqt ke Sath Madhoshi badhti hi
jayegi !

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4 thoughts on “Love Is Like a Alcohol !

  1. Hi, I appreciate your comment on my blog! Unfortunately, I can't read your language. Can you translate it into English? There is computer assisted translation if that helps at all, then get someone to finalize the format. Just a thought. Good luck on your writing!

    1. Hi,thanks for your wishes and encouragement.All the poems on my blog are written in hindi which is an Indian language.The poems are written about love and emotions. do you understand hindi?. if not, I will try to translate it into english. thanks for your respose…

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