O’ My Dear Love

Wine is Red,
Red is Wine,
I am so Addict to you,
When I saw you, I forgot myself ,
That Is, Love is blind,
O’ my Dear Love
Please come to me,
I Need you and I Need some Sunshine,
Sky is blue, Rainbow in Red,
Rainbow couldn’t be made without Red,
A Rainbow without Red, It doesn’t fine
O’ my Dear Love
Come to me…..
You are Only Mine
Breeze is Blowing,
Light is Glowing,
Snow is Melting,
Stars are Blinking,
All the Feelings that I have for you,
Now, Nature is Showing,
You know, you are my Loving,
I am your King,
You are My Queen,
Stay there, I will be coming,
Without you all things are going Bad,
O’ my Dear Love
Come to me,
Without you I am very Sad,
Your Eyes are Blue,
Your Lips are Red,
Today, By Seeing your Happiness
I am very Glad,
How can I tell you?
That I want you to be my Mate,
O’ my Dear Love
Come to me,
We are Perfect ! 

Written By : MS Mahawar

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