Zindagi | In Search of Life

ऐ खुदा ये क्या चल रहा है तेरे संसार

ढूँढने चला था मैं और यहाँ तो महोब्बत भी बिकती है बाज़ार में |

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6 thoughts on “Zindagi | In Search of Life

  1. as awesome as ever…. but I hope you are studying also MS 🙂

    1. THanks and i do 🙂

  2. you think so….I thought you believed the most in love? Love cant be bought and sold is what I think.

    1. I agree with you and i also believe in love. Sometimes things are not be as same as we see them!. I think you didn't get the actual meaning of these lines!

  3. Mohobbat bhi bikti hai bazaar main..so true 🙂

    1. Ha shayad!…..shukriya 🙂

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